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Friday, August 24, 2007

Murder Vans and More...

(An Econoline Murder Van modded into a sweet little storage trailer, or a camper for carnies. Photo courtesy of Crack La Rock.)

There is something sinister about old vans. They, like Stephen King's Christine, seem to whisper from behind closed doors "come on, Big Fella, let's cruise." Once you are inside, it's all over, man....

Most sinister, in appearance, at least, is the old Ford Econoline vans from the Sixties. John Wayne Gacy had one of these for his contracting business, and no doubt used it in his fiendish exploits (wonder what happened to that macabre reminder of Gacy?)


Blogger Crack la Rock said...

My Black 67 Econoline Cargo came off the Used lot with the windows already spray painted black. All I had to do was take my ignition key and scratch in reverse letters onto the inside window these words "Free Candy and Lost Puppies inside". Classy I Know. Can you say Amber Alert?

5:19 AM  
Blogger Suburban Junkyard said...

You are a deviant after my own heart...if I had an Econoline it would say "Mark's Mobile Home for Wayward Girls"...


10:17 AM  

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