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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Insane Diesel action....

There is something about the Finnish people-the more I research things pertaining to squeezing more horsepower out of any given vehicle, the more sites point towards Finland when all resources are exhausted. It is the home of Mika Hakkinen, after all...I didn't think Greta would be able to ever lay rubber until I saw this:

For those of you not used to watching diesel performance at the track, my understanding of making one perform is thus: You first need to focus on getting more fuel to your engine, and everything else is second. There is nothing wrong with the cars you see here spewing smoke-it is simply unburned fuel, and therefore, wasted horsepower. If this could be harnessed these things could not be beaten I would guess. Check out the 201 190D Benz smoking the older Vette at the end of the dragstrip...cool.

The Finns held off the Nazis during WWII with their hunting rifles-one of them is even credited with bringing down a Stuka with one shot from a deer gun....nice folks....


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