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Monday, September 25, 2006

$1 toolbox nears completion...

As you can see, things look quite different with my one-dollar auction toolbox. A fresh coat of Rustoleum Hammered Finish paint is the most obvious, in stunning "Hurst" gold. This paint is a great lazy man's finish for nearly any kind of metal, since the naturally occurring ripples cover flaws in the underlying finish nicely. Very little prep short of scuffing with a Scotchbrite-type pad is necessary. the handle and hardware were removed and then re-installed with nuts and bolts replacing the rivets. I should have popped out the latches, note gold paint on top of them. I'll most likely pop them out, blast them and paint them black to match everything else. It was kind of hard without a ninety-degree attachment for my drill. My vintage Hurst decal is a bit disappointing in that it's not adhering, But I do like it, so I'm going to use one of my many fine adhesives to re-attach it. Combine that with a few other vintage or vintage-type decals, and she's ready to be filled and put in the trunk of the Merc for the time being.


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