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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Life, and Death, of an iPod...

I was one of the last to jump on the iPod train-I am not a huge fan of Mass-Appeal gadgets and "must-haves", mainly because I try to pride myself on not being easily coerced by advertising and marketing. Having just discovered the wonders of the Mac over my PC, however, I figured I could, at least, give the iPod a try and see what came of it, in the interest of integrating my lifestyle or whatever clever nonsequitur you want to throw at it.

I bought one off Ebay-Used, 20gb, white....I hate white. I shopped at every home improvement store in eastern Pennsylvania to find the right windows for my house, that being, ones that aren't white...I had to settle for brown exteriors with white insides...but I'm getting offtrack here...

The iPod is bliss-whether you have a Mac or PC, it seamlessly blends your music, picture and video collections thru iTunes. I found set-up to be a breeze even without any setup disk. I have added about half of my music collection (1754 songs thus far) and it had hardly put a dent in the iPod's 20 gigabyte storage drive.

Last night, while listening to a podcast, I had a problem-my "wheel" controller stopped working. I am not sure what the deal was, but I was like a junkie with no junk until I went out today and popped for the 30gb iPod Video-in BLACK. There may be a simple fix for my last one, but I am too hooked to wait around...anyone have any ideas? I'm all ears.


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