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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Things I Have Enough Of To Last A Lifetime, Episode 1

Whether it is my own compulsion or just a random occurence, there are certain things I possess that, while not entirely crucial to survival, I have more than enough of for the rest of my days. I will start a compendium of these items as I re-acquaint myself with them.

Teflon Tape.
This stuff, for those that don't know, is the thin white 'tape' that you wrap around the threads of plumbing fixtures to help seal out any additional leakage. It comes in small but plentiful rolls (it's very thin), and doesn't really have a whole lot of applications, although I've used it to seal brake fittings on my truck (something everyone said wouldn't work), fittings on my long-gone Power King tractor, and a few liquid-bearing projects of a more Mad Scientist nature over the years.

Here's the thing-when you need it, you need it. However, WHEN you need it, you can't always find it. For this reason I have picked up one too many rolls over the years (it's cheap too), and as The Great Garage Organization Project rolls on (and will till I'm cremated and stuffed in the ventilation systems of my enemies, lying in wait for Dirty, Hot Summer), I have uncovered three or four of these in my various bins and drawers. I cannot for a moment imagine myself in an environment so leaky I'd ever need all of it, save for maybe some Terry Gilliam-esque brass and copper threaded disaster film.


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