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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Yeah well, anyway...there's THIS

Once again, too much time has gone by, but I promise that THIS time, it's REALLY REALLY gonna change! And enough worrying about what this blog is about-I'm just gonna shoot from the hip and go from there. Whatever.

Got the chance to work with some Kydex the other day-been wanting to make a sheath for my work knife and shears, since the leather ones we get issued are lacking IMHO, as far as not having my shears fall out constantly, anyway...this is what I came up with:

Kydex is pretty easy to work with-you need a toaster oven or heat gun, and some type of press to mold with-I knocked one together out of a silicone baking sheet (for heat dispersion), a foam garden kneeler I cut in two, two pieces of plywood and some of my cheapie squeeze clamps. YouTube is an awesome resource for how-to, as there's more than one way to do this (Like vacu-forming-which I want to try next!)

In the end, I'd probably get the proper rivets or grommets, but I was anxious to play around, and it's just for work anyway, and it works, so who cares if the rivets are shiny aluminum instead of black?


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