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Saturday, December 04, 2010

What. The Hell.

So I just realized it's been a year and two months since my last post-and you may be asking yourself, 'hey, Asshole, where ya been?" Fair enough question-one could assume that, like with the average blogger, life kinda happened, the kids, the wife, etc...however, I have one lame excuse and one good one. First, the lame:

First off, Facebook happened-curse you Facebook, and your nearly instant gratification after posting....curse the adoration of hundreds as every witty thing that comes out of one's mouth is quickly 'liked'. However, it has put me in touch with some very talented people, which leads me to Excuse #2:

At age 40, I decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of making my own horror film. This has been a joyous and frustrating odyssey, and is far from over. I'd have blogged on this, but man oh man does it keep you BUSY. The rundown and progress of things is well documented here and here.

With any luck, the post-production schedule will allow me to post more frequently-that's all for now, hope I didn't lose anyone.


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