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Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Past-in Motion

This blurry image is from an 8mm film circa 1966. The image is of my father, dressed in a suit at a Bell Telephone company Christmas party, turning to wave at the camera. He's about 21 here. What I love about this is that is the only MOVING image of my dad as a young man. Sure, there's plenty of black and white photos of him from every phase of his life up until the family's use of color film in the early 1970s, but this, THIS is a better look at the man in motion.

Another shot from the same film, this time of his friend and coworker Wes's 1962 Corvette-Dad has lusted for one in Roman Red with black interior and black vinyl top, 327/4 Speed as long as I can remember. Seeing Wes drive this car to work every day had to make him nuts. What's cool about this image is it is the ONLY one of this car. Wes's son, Jonathan, whom I grew up knowing more like a cousin, was thrilled to see the car, and let me know it was the first he had ever seen it, as his dad had no pictures. The image of a young Wes (Now in his late 60s) driving past the camera and smiling with all the hope of his own future ahead of him, and me, the viewer, knowing the positive outcome is absolutely breathtaking, to be honest.


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