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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Days Of Thunder Past...

(The size of this post really does not give my new camera's resolution justice-click the photo for a better look)

As a resident of the Pocono Mountains, I love when race weekend comes to the famed Tri-Oval at Pocono Raceway-the hysteria is palpable as you see car haulers, RVs, vendors, and thousands of race fans pour into town for three days of speed,sun and beer. I'm not as much a NASCAR fan as I once was, but I had to snap a picture of Jimmy Spencer's Heinz 57 Pontiac Grand Prix, circa approximately 1990. The Friday's logo is not period perfect, but considering it sits in front of a Friday's in Wilkes-Barre, about twenty minutes from the track, I'll let it slide, as it's obviously for promotional purposes. While I was certainly not a pre-teen in 1990, I did enjoy building the Monogram model kit of this car:

(Of course the driver of the car at the time was Hut Stricklin, seen molded in plastic at bottom right. Jimmy would have been too expensive to cast even in plastic, given his size in 1990.)
NASCAR has jumped the shark for me-the fancy graphics on TV and the WWE-ness of it turns me away. I like the old days when it was grittier and no one knew much about it north of the Mason Dixon line. But I'm halfway to Old Fart now, so what do you expect?


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