Wastelands of Suburbia

A place where the cast-off ephemera of the last four generations comes to rest, and is discussed fondly....Like junk, or the injection-molded minutiae of history? Welcome home...Junkyards, yard sales, roadside oddities, thrift stores and more-your memories are deep inside the box, so keep shaking.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the camera.....

We had a few other pics on the camera from our trip-there was probably more we should have shot-Berwick and the surrounding area are what The Wastelands used to be, only 30 years ago:

(I'm a sucker for a nice airbrushed vintage van. This one sat languishing in the lot of a Sunoco station in Berwick, on the way to pick up the new/old Zook. Much of my generation's beginnings are found in the once sweaty, foggy interiors of vans like this. How could you look at this and not think of the beach?)

(Since 1979 and Three Mile Island, there is nothing more ominous to a Pennsylvanian than nuclear plants and their cooling towers. The Berwick Nuclear Power Plant, owned by PPL Utilities, looms in the distance. Photo by Jon.)

(Of course, Jon is no slouch when it comes to bike customization. A resurrected Speed Triple, given the Hooligan treatment by Jon, with big thanks going to our friend Wee Paul for his paint work. Photo Jon.)


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