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Saturday, February 07, 2009

History Out-Steampunks Steampunk!

(The 1932 Helicron. Someone fetch me my duster and goggles!)

This rare (I'd call one in existence rare) 1932 Helicron prop-powered car does not run on steam, but is still Dystopian enough to be at home in the mythical world of Transatlantic dirigible travel and Babbage Difference Engines. Pushed into a barn in the late 30s, it appears to be only partially restored (note condition of wood). I don't know much more about it, but I can't resist blogging about a good barn find. It is owned by the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. Anyone wanting more pics email me.

For car guys, the Barn Find (a pristine or unmolested car, in original condition, parked and forgotten in a barn or garage for decades and then discovered) is the Holy Grail of automotive existence. I have discussed the topic in previous posts, as it is a favorite In the 1980s, Porsche had a print ad that described one man's dream of finding a vintage Speedster in a barn for $500 (damned if I can find a copy-anyone who can, let me know!) Recently, Life imitated Art when this Speedster was found and sold from a Mississippi barn:

(If a barn find is a car nut's dream, a 1954 Porsche Speedster with likely racing pedigree is a wet dream. Sale price on Ebay was $24,600.)

Without documentation it's hard to say if this car actually raced or was simply painted to look the part-it did, however, have a roll cage installed, which suggests the previous owner was at least concerned about his safety. The same cannot be said for, say, James Dean, who met his end in a slightly tinier Porsche (the 550 Spyder), a mere two years after this find rolled off the assembly line:

(note lack of safety cage of any kind-if I'm correct, the Dean Porsche was not equipped with seat belts either. Rumor has it the Dean Car was cursed and was killing folks long after Dean's death in 1955.)

My ADD has gotten the best of me-sorry. Suffice to say the Helicron is a sweet find, and not your usual Superbird rotting in some old lady's backyard


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