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Friday, July 21, 2006

Today's finds...

Today I took a ride over to my local Salvation Army Thrift store-for those of you who have never been, go....it is where the detritus of all human existence goes to die. Forgotten things even I have forgotten are there, all at cut-rate prices...Lately, I have been a little miffed at my local store-whoever is making decisions at the top has changed the pricing and discount structure. It used to be that every Wednesday was 50% off everything but furniture. Now, the Bric-a-brac has been eliminated from that discount, leaving only clothing. At the same time, the pricing of bric-a-brac has been increased. As a result, it is piling up-no one wants to spend full price on junk, come on people! I only hope they see the error of their ways soon.

Anyway, I found a few things I needed-some speaker grille cloth, perfect for the refurbishing I plan on doing to my vintage Zenith console stereo ( I plan on adding an Ipod hookup not unlike Mr. Jalopy, as well as some new speakers). Also a vintage, good condition Milton Bradley Simon Electronic Game, with box and instructions! I was recently outbid on one of these on Ebay-must have been Divine Providence, as the price I paid was a mere tenth of what the auction I lost went for...Need to get some batteries-I forgot Simon required both 9v as well as D-cells, I believe. Finally a couple of board games-a complete Monopoly set, and a Parker Brothers bad gamble called "Masterpiece"-it looks like you bid on classic artworks like Rembrandts and Van Goghs. It looks complete, but I may just pirate it for pieces and use the board if I need a heavy cardboard for a project. Or, I may stack it on my pile of games, I'm trying to build a closetful like in "The Royal Tenenbaums".

I'll post pics when I find my camera-it moved in the last cleanup.


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