Wastelands of Suburbia

A place where the cast-off ephemera of the last four generations comes to rest, and is discussed fondly....Like junk, or the injection-molded minutiae of history? Welcome home...Junkyards, yard sales, roadside oddities, thrift stores and more-your memories are deep inside the box, so keep shaking.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Ever since I was a kid I have loved junkyards-to me, those rusty piles of twisted metal may as well been gold to an 8 year-old. I dreamed of finding lost treasure there, and making myself "rich" by doing so.

As an adult, I have done my best to adhere to my childhood aspirations-as a teen I worked as an auction runner and secured dozens of great finds that were sold at a profit. As a dumpster diver and curb crawler in my twenties, I scoured the wasteland of Suburbia for the cast off fortunes other's had forsaken. Currently, as a temporarily disabled utility lineman, I scour the web and local classifieds and yard sales for bargains for resale elsewhere. My ultimate goal? to earn a comfortable living off what everyone else throws away.

But enough about me-you'll learn more as we go along here....watch closely, I enjoy teaching others my tricks of surviving with less in a materialistic world gone mad.


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