Wastelands of Suburbia

A place where the cast-off ephemera of the last four generations comes to rest, and is discussed fondly....Like junk, or the injection-molded minutiae of history? Welcome home...Junkyards, yard sales, roadside oddities, thrift stores and more-your memories are deep inside the box, so keep shaking.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I've become a bit of a Pinterest fan-I hate the name, as it sounds girly. Much of the content is girly as well, however, there's plenty of guy stuff. Moreover, there's plenty of Suburban Junkyard-style stuff to behold. Like this gem-a homebuilt motor home, from the days when such a thing was possible with the right kit or plans or both. This one appears to have been made with Pontiac parts, probably the drivetrain and a few other bits like the grille. It would likely be a 400 or 455(?) engine to pull such yummy stuff. I want to drive this thing to the Grand Canyon, then off the sheer precipice, so I can die happy and fulfilled, and smelling of gasoline and urine.