Wastelands of Suburbia

A place where the cast-off ephemera of the last four generations comes to rest, and is discussed fondly....Like junk, or the injection-molded minutiae of history? Welcome home...Junkyards, yard sales, roadside oddities, thrift stores and more-your memories are deep inside the box, so keep shaking.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glowing Little Memories.

Countless late-night whiz calls, sick tummies, monsters under the bed and sleepless teenage nights were made easier to bear by this little night light right here. Found at my brother's yard sale, forgotten by me until I saw it. Had to have it. Advertising one of our local coal companies (back when there was more than one, it proudly announces Peoples's primary products. I didn't know coal even had brands. Ironically we didn't buy either, with electric heat-no doubt this was given to us by my grandmother, who probably got a half dozen from someone she knew that worked there in exchange for a half dozen automotive meshback Gimme Hats from where she worked, Lawson Automotive. I still think of her every time I see a vintage yellow Pennzoil hat. How many of these were purchased by Peoples to spread the word? A thousand? Five Thousand? How many survive? Doesn't matter-this one is mine-and is now keeping me company once again in my adult home.