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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PROBLEM: "Check Wallet" light illuminated-how to fix?

Awwwwwyeahhhh.....keepin' it real on the engineering tip, y'all.....

Well, My new fan/clutch is here-all dull plastic and metal. I was hoping, for my $325, it would light up, or play "Una Paloma Blanca"...no such luck, but it IS made by Sachs, and it IS made in Germany, which is the least I could ask it to be-no claptrap orphan from the Pacific Rim would be allowed in MY Blessed Teutonic Bitch. Automotive Eugenics are alive and well on 555 Oak Street. I know my posts are Greta heavy and you are saying "hey, jackass, what about all the cool other things you like to blog about?" Bear with me-it's been a weird trip the last few weeks, and I promise more on cool Craigslist finds, my Big Pile of Stuff, and the rest. For now, Greta IS a piece of 80s memorabilia, so lighten up.

If you happen to be a Mercedes owner, I cannot recommend MercedesShopForum parts store highly enough-easy to navigate, competitive pricing and fast ship-I only ordered two days ago and it's already here, with good communication the whole way-thanks guys.


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