Wastelands of Suburbia

A place where the cast-off ephemera of the last four generations comes to rest, and is discussed fondly....Like junk, or the injection-molded minutiae of history? Welcome home...Junkyards, yard sales, roadside oddities, thrift stores and more-your memories are deep inside the box, so keep shaking.

Monday, February 12, 2007


After a short drive and some talking with Scott, A Columbia Film School student director, Greta nailed the part for his upcoming film! She didn't even have to pull her hood up. We talked a bit about movies, exchanged cards, and set early March as a time for shooting. She got so excited she squirted a little diesel on the ground....ok, she does that all the time....but it was

She will be playing the part of a professional hitman's vehicle, and will have a fair amount of screen time, as well as her name in the credits! I will probably have mine in as well, as "Mercedes Wrangler"-I hope...All in all a great day for us both, and we celebrated by topping 100 MPH on route 33 on the way home-she's steady as a rock at any speed, the old girl. More later on the big production.


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